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    THE STORY BEHIND BAM-BOO ORIGINALS lies with the founder Ashley Hoare, our creative and artistic designer. Realising that there was no accessories brand which represented a certain type of Eco-conscious culture, he strongly believed that it was time for social awareness to change. Individuality and uniqueness were at the forefront of his work.
    "Since I was young, I have always been fascinated by the effect sunglasses have on fashion. Musicians, films even advertising stretching back to the 50s. There is a huge variety of iconic periods which I could choose from to explain my passion, but honestly it comes from my personal belief in innovation and attention to detail. Inspired by retro culture, I was always at vintage markets in search for eyewear that was an alternative to off the peg frames. In short, sunglasses that had real character and integrity. Until one day, my love for acetate had dwindled and my own personal collection was simply not representative enough. I needed something no one else had, or ever could have. So I designed the Boatmans. My research into bamboo by that time was quite extensive, so it was a simple choice when commissioning the design. When I saw the finished product,...that was it. Officially 'bam-booed' and my own passion was rekindled. The love for our natural world and sunglasses were combined".
    So that was the beginning of the BAM-BOO project for the team, with the task of replicating individuality and making it available worldwide. No two pairs of sunglasses or watches we produce are ever the same. We call it 'No grain the same'. The 2015 collection is the result all our research and design into all things bamboo. So take pride in wearing your BAM-BOO ORIGINALS knowing they are simply not 'off the peg' accessories.